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About Us

Welcome to L.I.G.H.T

Learning In Godly Homes Together

We are a group of Christian families dedicated to educating their children at home, made up of various homeschooling styles. We have joined together to encourage one another and to form lasting friendships with the purpose of building one another up in order that we will grow closer to God together in community with common hearts. We encourage every member to be an active participant in a church community. Our group is member driven which means our events are born through the creativity that each family brings to the table. During the school year, moms meet monthly for encouragement, fellowship and support. Some examples of activities for the children include field trips, attending cultural events like theater and symphony performances, service projects, PE class, art class, and other activities as the parents organize them.

Our group is made of Mamas with teachable hearts who are fostering teachable and loving hearts in their children. We operate as a family and hold one another accountable to the standards that the Lord does within a family.


Based primarily in the Sherwood area, our families come from Tualatin, Tigard, Wilsonville, Newberg, Donald, Oregon City, and Beaverton. Collectively, we represent different denominations, but we intend that all of our activities be clearly consistent with Biblical principles.  We are very much relationship based and want you to feel part of a “Homeschool Family” and not just provide an online presence for advice or activity opportunities. We value developing Christian personal relationships that pray for and encourage one another. We are a private homeschool group, which means that every family is privately homeschooling their children as defined by the OCEANetwork (https://www.oceanetwork.org/protecting-private-homeschooling-law/). This means families receive no government funding for the child's education. This includes charter schools such as FOSSIL, COLA, etc. New Membership for the year closes in early summer when open spots have been filled. Priority is given to families who are invited to join by current members and then membership will be opened up to other families. Please email [email protected] to be put on the waitlist. This email is checked in the spring.

In addition to privately homeschooling, it is required that at least one child is of school age (meaning kindergarten or older).


Your participation means everything to our group. You can participate and help the group grow in relationships by: hosting an event, leading a field trip or activity, planning a holiday party or offering your homeschool advice or suggestions through group emails. Each member is required to plan, lead or help lead at least one activity per year, and participate in at least five activities (which is approximately 20% of what is offered) during the year. There are many ways to help support the growth of our group, so find an area where your gifts, interests and experience will be a blessing to others. Any private Christian homeschool family interested in joining LIGHT is welcome.

There is one mandatory Mom’s meeting in late August where we will review our handbook together, receive yearly dues of $25/family, and create our calendar of events for the upcoming year.

Registration for the LIGHT support group opens at the beginning of June and closes for the year after the roster has been filled. You will be contacted if there is room on the roster. Each new member is required to spend some time with the group getting to know them before deciding if LIGHT is a good fit for their family.


You will be required to attend a park day during the summer before joining so that we can get to know you and so that you can decide if this is the support group that fits your family. We will contact you if there is room in the support group. Registration is online, and you will gain full access to the site once we receive your request and payment which includes agreeing to our Statement of Faith and Terms of Membership. We’re always happy to welcome more Christian, homeschooling families, as there is space in the group, to share the journey along the path that God has called us to follow.